About Us

We are a customer service BPO that is positioned to be a market leader in the innovative contact centre management, software development, system integration and consultancy fields. We build our solutions around our client’s needs, delivering a professional outsourced customer service solution built upon a partnership approach to all that we do for our clients. We are a team of professionals with extensive experience in collections, data management, IT services, support and project management.

PAI2C is committed to delivering solutions that make our clients profitable and successful at their core businesses. We offer a wide range of services that fit different business requirements. PAI2C offers our clients a tailor-made, world-class experience that combines the best mix of agents, continuous innovation, efficient processes, intelligent analytics and strategic locations.

We're here to guide, advise and manage your business requirements using our skilled expertise, backed by experience. We want to evolve into our client’s strategic business partners - offering business processes, outsourcing services with transparency, ease of transition, and most importantly, improved return on investment. Our focus is to offer our partners and their clients flexibility, accuracy, and unsurpassed service.

We are proud of and committed to the important role that we play in youth development and employment, being a significant employer of young, previously disadvantaged South Africans and people living with disabilities through our unwavering commitment to impact sourcing.

PAI2C’s compelling customer service experience is not accidental, with a management team with over 20 years in the field of customer service. They are engineered with the careful use of analytics-driven insights, deployment of the right technology to fit client business needs, and dedicated training that empowers the team to be passionate advocates of the client’s brand.

PAI2C’s agents understand the importance of active listening, empathy and offer accurate solutions to ensure customer satisfaction. We combine data analysis with ongoing innovation and insight-work to identify and solve problems in a continuous quest to improve every encounter with our client’s customer.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver the very best in customer experience and first-time query resolution. As our client, you can look forward to a proactive and innovative BPO partner in PAI2C, where exceptional customer service, innovation and continuous improvement are entrenched philosophies.